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Airport to Wink by Taxi

The taxi is the fastest and easiest option and is available 24x7. Use this option if you arrive after midnight (as there would be no other transport options available).

Once you leave the arrival hall, follow the signboard to the taxi stand. You would see staff manning the taxi queue.

All the in Singapore is metered. A regular taxi can take up to 4 passengers. The trip from the airport to the city (where our hostels are located) would typically cost less than S$50 per taxi per journey. You can pay by cash or credit card (with a surcharge).

Please instruct the driver with the correct Wink address:

  1. Wink @ Mosque Street (8A Mosque Street, Singapore 059488)

  2. Wink @ McCallum Street (2B McCallum Street, Singapore 069043)

  3. Wink @ Upper Cross Street (38 Upper Cross Street Street, Singapore 058341)

  4. Wink @ Perak Road (6 Perak Road, Singapore 208127)

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