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Discover Wink's Amenities: A Simple Comforts and Shared Spaces

At Wink, we go beyond the ordinary to provide you with amenities that enhance your stay and foster a sense of community. Here's what you can expect:

🍲 Community Pantry:

  • Common Fridge: Safely store your perishables and beverages in our shared fridge.

  • Microwave for Food Reheating: Enjoy the convenience of reheating your meals in our dedicated microwave.

  • Drinking Water Refilling Machine: Quench your thirst with our complimentary drinking water refilling machine. Stay hydrated effortlessly throughout your stay.

What's provided to you :

  • Bath Towel: One bath towel per guest is provided for your convenience..

  • Toilet Roll: Ample supply of toilet rolls is available in each room.

  • Bidet Spray: Our toilets are equipped with a bidet spray for added convenience.

  • Hair Dryer: Hair dryers are available during your stay. If it is not available in the bathroom, please check with the reception staff.

  • Body Shampoo: Complimentary body shampoo is available in every shower room.

  • Steam Iron: A steam iron machine is available at the reception. You may approach the reception to use or how to operate it.

  • Unlimited WiFi: Stay connected effortlessly with our complimentary unlimited WiFi.

  • Regular Housekeeping: Relax and enjoy a clean and tidy space with our regular housekeeping services.

Complimentary Breakfast (7 am - 10 am):

  • 🌅 Start your day right with our complimentary breakfast featuring (subj to changes & availability):

  • Self-Toast Station: Free-flowing white bread with a self-toast machine.

  • Assorted Jams and Butter Spread: Elevate your toast with various options.

  • Cereal and Koko Crunch: Fuel your morning with a delightful selection.

  • Milk: Choose between white or chocolate milk.

  • Coffee & Tea: Kickstart your day with freshly brewed options.

Community Etiquette:

  • Engage in the spirit of sharing by contributing non-perishable items or surplus groceries to the pantry.

  • Kindly label your items, and use the microwave for food reheating only, respecting the needs of fellow guests.

Connect and Share:

  • Join fellow travelers in our Community Pantry, fostering connections and shared experiences.

Wink's amenities are designed with your comfort and community in mind. We look forward to making your stay exceptional.

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