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Let's Explore Mural at Mohamed Ali Lane

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Fascinating wall murals have been mushrooming all over the city in recent years, thanks to Singaporean artists like Yip Yew Chong. His work isn’t just Instagram-worthy, it’s turning roads, like this one in Chinatown, into street museums.

Yew Chong painted these murals from his personal memories of Singapore’s past – he grew up in Sago Lane, a street across the road. The Paper Mask & Puppet Seller (on the right) was inspired by a real person who sold masks on this very street. And the Indian man in The Mamak Store (on the left) was a shop owner who sold Yew Chong sweets and knick-knacks, and taught him his first Tamil words when he was a kid. Keep an eye out for more of his street art around Chinatown – they can be found at various parts of Singapore too.

Recommended duration: 10 mins

Mohamed Ali Lane. On the side wall of House 227, South Bridge Road

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