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Let's Explore Mural at Mohamed Ali Lane

Fascinating wall murals have been mushrooming all over the city in recent years, thanks to Singaporean artists like Yip Yew Chong. His work isn’t just Instagram-worthy, it’s turning roads, like this one in Chinatown, into street museums.

Yew Chong painted these murals from his personal memories of Singapore’s past – he grew up in Sago Lane, a street across the road. The Paper Mask & Puppet Seller (on the right) was inspired by a real person who sold masks on this very street. And the Indian man in The Mamak Store (on the left) was a shop owner who sold Yew Chong sweets and knick-knacks, and taught him his first Tamil words when he was a kid. Keep an eye out for more of his street art around Chinatown – they can be found at various parts of Singapore too.

Recommended duration: 10 mins

Mohamed Ali Lane. On the side wall of House 227, South Bridge Road

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