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After Hours (Late) Check-in at Wink @ McCallum Street

If you have not done so, please register all the guest details securely here.

We will set up self late check-in for those confirmed bookings that have yet to arrive after our operating hours.

We will place your keycard in a lockbox (labeled with your name), which you can find on the wall leading near to our hostel entrances. If you do not see your name, please press the doorbell.

You need a 4-digits PIN to open your lockbox. The lockbox PIN is usually set to the last 4-digits of your source booking number. If you forget the PIN or the PIN is not the usual last 4-digits of your booking number, you can check your PIN here.

The room name and pod # are indicated on the keycard. You will use the same key card to open the main entrance door, and also to access your room.

Should you require further assistance during the night, you could find the important information and emergency contact number located at the reception, or behind your room door.

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