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(After Hours/Late/Self) Check-in at Wink @ McCallum Street

If you expect to check-in after 9 pm, you must fill up the Pre-Arrival Registration before 6 pm on your original check-in day.

Provided the submitted details are all correct, we will email you the access details on your check-in day, between 6pm to 9 pm (So, please check your email inbox, including junk/spam folder just in case). The email will include details on how to retrieve your keycard from the lockbox.

We cannot email you the access details any earlier, as the rooming is still subject to changes.

If you have registered yourself but do not receive the email after 9 pm on your check-in day, please press the doorbell and wait for assistance.

The time and date mentioned are in local Singapore time (SGT).

The room name and pod # are indicated on the keycard. You will use the same key card to open the main entrance door, and also to access your room.

Should you require further assistance during the night, you could find the important information and emergency contact number located at the reception, or behind your room door.

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