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Walking direction from Chinatown Station to Wink @ Mosque Street

This guide helps you find your way from Chinatown station to Wink @ Mosque Street (8A, Mosque Street):

1. Once you tap out from the Chinatown train station, follow the sign to Exit A (Pagoda Street, 宝塔街).

2. Take the escalator up to Pagoda Street, then make a U-turn (either left or right is okay).

3. Walk toward the main road where the orange building is, then turn to the right and keep walking.

4. Continue to walk past a few bak kwa (a.k.a. Chinese jerky) shops and restaurants.

5. You would see the signpost "Mosque Street". Turn into Mosque Street on your right.

6. Walk for about 50m (~165feet), and you should see Wink Hostel on your right!

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